Project Description

Toll Gate Canyon Southwest Heritage Oak™

Quercus undulata ‘Toll Gate Canyon’

Selected by Allan Taylor from a tree growing in New Mexico, near Branson, Colorado, and introduced by Heritage Seedlings & Liners Inc.

‘Toll Gate Canyon’ has attractive green, deeply lobed 4-inch leaves that take on a nice red hue in autumn. Except for its drought tolerance, this oak looks more like a typical white oak, albeit with pointed rather than rounded lobes because it is a multi-generational hybrid with Q. gambellii. The smaller stature of ‘Toll Gate Canyon’, to 20 feet, makes this tree applicable
for nearly all spaces and landscapes in the Western U.S. and Southwest Canada. ‘Toll Gate Canyon’ represents a new line of grafted oak cultivars for the Western U.S. and Southwest Canada, using drought tolerant rootstock that is adapted to a wide range of soil pH, even highly alkaline soils. It is a uniquely small oak with a stature that will allow its use in a broad suite of sites in the West. Hardy to Zones 5–8.

Available as #1 containers (2–3 feet tall) from Heritage Seedlings & Liners Inc. (Booth 9037).