Project Description

Raspberry Spear™ Crabapple

Malus ‘JFS KW213MX’

Selected by Keith Warren from the ornamental crabapple breeding program of J. Frank Schmidt & Son Co., and introduced by J. Frank Schmidt & Son Co.

Deep pink buds open to bright magenta flowers that smother the branches of this tightly columnar crabapple. Its rich purple foliage is clean and disease free. The foliage matures to bronze green in late summer and early fall. Autumn tones include a touch of orange. Purple-red fruits of about ½-inch diameter appear in late summer, ripening to deep bright red. They provide late
season interest by persisting into winter. Raspberry Spear™ is ideal for use in space-challenged, compact landscapes — including rooftop gardens, courtyards and container plantings — and good for visual screens and for attracting pollinators. It is unique among ornamental crabapples for its tightly columnar form and extraordinarily clean and disease- free foliage. Hardy to Zone 4.

Available as 4-foot bare root whips (1-inch caliper, branched), #5 containers (5 foot) and #25 containers (1¾-inch caliper) from J. Frank Schmidt & Son Co. (Booth #19026).