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Exhibitor Search

A & R Spada Farms LLC 17031, 18032 St. Paul OR Containers, Grafted Ornamentals, Nursery stock
A Valley Growers Nursery 11047 Hubbard OR Nursery stock
A-ROO Company LLC 8045 Strongsville OH Supplies
A.D.R. Bulbs Inc. 14048 Chester NY Annuals perennials and bulbs
Adapt8 21050 Salem OR Greenhouses / equipment
Advanced Grower Solutions 15056 Beaverton OR Computer equipment and software
Advanced Ornamentals Inc. 10019 St. Paul OR Bamboo and ornamental grasses, Containers, Conifers, Grafted Ornamentals, Nursery stock, Shrubs - deciduous and flowering
Air-Pot® - The Expert's Choice 11013 Salem OR Containers, Landscape products and yard décor, Services, Supplies
Airtec Sprayers Inc. 10010 Winter Haven FL Equipment and applicators
All Green Goods 9028 Oregon City OR United States Conifers, Grafted Ornamentals, Nursery stock, Shrubs - deciduous and flowering
All Season Plants LLC 16059 Ridgefield WA Nursery stock
Alpha Nursery 18019 Salem OR Nursery stock
Amethyst Hill Nursery 8031 Aurora OR Nursery stock, Shrubs - deciduous and flowering
Anderson Pots 19043, 20044 Portland OR Containers
Antal/Cayson Equipment 18064 Oregon City OR Equipment and applicators, Greenhouses / equipment
Arborjet Inc. 19064 Woburn MA Chemicals, Equipment and applicators, Fertilizers
Argos Software 9016 Fresno CA Computer equipment and software
Arrowhead Ornamentals LLC 8025, 9026 Hubbard OR Trees - shade and flowering
Asia Pacific Gardening Inc. 16057 Kent WA Supplies
Bailey Nurseries Inc. 17019 St. Paul MN Nursery stock, Trees - shade and flowering, Shrubs - deciduous and flowering, Small fruits berries and vegetables
Ball Publishing 4057 West Chicago IL Publications
Ball Seed Company 5043, 5045, 5047, 5049, 5051, 6044, 6046, 6048, 6050, 6052 West Chicago IL Annuals perennials and bulbs, Liners, Seeds, Shrubs - deciduous and flowering
Bamboo Depot 22043 Benicia CA
Bamboo Garden 18014, 18016 North Plains OR Bamboo and ornamental grasses
Barnel International Inc. 17049 Portland OR Tools
BASF Turf & Ornamentals 9044 Research Triangle Park NC Chemicals
Bayer 7046 Research Triangle Park NC Chemicals
BCS America 4063 Portland OR Tractors and machinery
BeaverLake Nursery 17007, 17009 Beavercreek OR Liners, Natives and restoration plants, Nursery stock
Beijing Sangreen International Agricultural Technology Co. Ltd. 10011 Shahe town, Changping District Beijing China Greenhouses / equipment
Bellpark Horticulture 11019 Surrey BC Canada Equipment and applicators, Services
Beneficial Insectary 11057 Redding CA Beneficial Insects
Berger 10008 St-Modeste Quebec Canada Soil / mixes and amendments
BioBee USA 5055 Tucker GA Beneficial Insects, Greenhouses / equipment, Small fruits berries and vegetables, Turf and lawn
Biobest USA 12030 Romulus MI Beneficial Insects
BioSafe Systems LLC 9048 East Hartford CT Chemicals
BioWorks Inc. 6056 Victor NY USA Chemicals, Fertilizers
Bizon Nursery Co. 12037 Wilsonville OR Nursery stock
Blanchet House of Hospitality 9057 Portland OR Associations and non-profits, Garden and gift accessories, Landscape products and yard décor
Blooming Nursery 13055, 14056 Cornelius OR Annuals perennials and bulbs

Product Key:

  • Associations and non-profits
  • Annuals perennials and bulbs
  • Bamboo and ornamental grasses
  • Beneficial Insects
  • Chemicals
  • Christmas trees wreaths and greens
  • Containers
  • Computer equipment and software
  • Conifers
  • Equipment and applicators
  • Fertilizers
  • Trees – fruit and nut
  • Garden and gift accessories
  • Grafted Ornamentals
  • Greenhouses / equipment
  • Irrigation equipment and supplies
  • Liners
  • Labels or Tags
  • Landscape products and yard décor
  • Natives and restoration plants
  • Nursery stock
  • Pottery
  • Publications
  • Seeds
  • Services
  • Trees – shade and flowering
  • Shrubs – deciduous and flowering
  • Small fruits berries and vegetables
  • Soil / mixes and amendments
  • Stakes and plant supports
  • Supplies
  • Tools
  • Tractors and machinery
  • Transportation
  • Tropical and foliage plants
  • Turf and lawn