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Royal Gold

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600 F Street, Ste. #3 PMB 603
Business Description
Royal Gold is the original coco soil company. As the first all coco based soils company in California, and debatably the United States, Royal Gold has been re-setting the standard for quality, consistency and performance for nearly a decade. Based in Humboldt County, on the gorgeous north coast of California, Royal Gold has had the advantage of extensive research, development, and field testing in a community that demands unparalleled results and service. How Our Potting Soil is Exceptional As a more sustainable alternative to many traditional and popular growing mediums, Coconut Fiber is becoming widely recognized as the future of indoor and hydroponic gardening mediums and an important part of large scale agricultural soil building and reconditioning programs. With all our production, processing, and packaging taking place in one facility, here in the USA, we have unprecedented control and oversight of the quality and integrity of our input ingredients and final product. This allows us to create mediums consistent enough that people can build entire feeding and cultivation programs around, and diverse enough to fit into most any established program, while providing equal or superior results. Royal Gold chooses the highest quality input ingredients available and seeks out sustainable alternatives to traditional products. Diverting forest products from a wood fired power plant, and sourcing ingredients that are waste products from existing industry, without compromising our quality standards, are just a few of many ways we look to minimize our environmental footprint. As the Home gardening industry and industrial hydroponic and organic cultivation industries continue to grow and diversify, Royal Gold continues to innovate and create new products and ways to help gardeners succeed. We are excited to exhibit our products for the Farwest attendees. To show them why Royal Gold Potting Soils and Coco Fiber based growing mediums will enhance their flowers, and help take their gardens to the next level.
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