Project Description

Urban Sunset® Maple

Acer truncatum × platanoides ‘JFS-KW187’ PP 27545

Selected by Keith Warren from the maple breeding program of J. Frank Schmidt & Son Co., and introduced by J. Frank Schmidt & Son Co.

Dark green leaves of this heat- and drought tolerant tree explode with bright, long-lasting red-to-deepred tones in autumn. A perfect fit for urban landscapes, this vigorous and upright growing tree calipers well as it develops a uniformly branched canopy with minimal pruning. Compact and narrow, it develops an ideal street tree form and produces very few seeds. Selected as an outstanding performer from our 30-plus-year effort to combine the best characteristics of Asian and European maple species, its handsome, pest and disease resistant foliage is glossy and tatterresistant.

Urban Sunset® is compact and upright, with a stronger central leader than other Acer truncatum × A. platanoides hybrids on the market, with exceptionally handsome summer foliage. Produces fewer seeds and has deeper red, longlasting fall color. Hardy to Zone 4b.

Available as 4–7 foot bare root whips (6 foot to 2-inch caliper branched) and as #7 containers (6 foot to 32-inch, 2½-inch caliper) from J. Frank Schmidt & Son Co. (Booth 19026).