Project Description

Joyful Jasper™ Crown Jewel Begonia™

Begonia rhizomatous hybrid ‘Joyful Jasper’ PPAF

Introduced by J. Berry Nursery
Introduced by J. Berry Genetics

Rich red leaves of Joyful Jasper™ instantly add spark to every garden. Planting it revitalizes containers, landscape beds, and window sills with a surge of energy and adrenaline. Growing this will bring your creativity to life! Joyful Jasper is perfect as an indoor houseplant or outdoors planted in the landscape. Crown Jewel Begonias™ have a naturally compact, neat habit, need minimal maintenance and are disease-and-pest free. Crown Jewel begonias showcase industry-leading breeding with never-before-seen foliage colors, outstanding durability and versatility for use. Customers are looking for season-long color with steadfast performance, and Crown Jewel begonias consistently deliver.

Available as liners, quarts and 1-gallon containers from Ball Seed (Booth 5043) and McHutchison (Booth 16058).