Project Description

Hollywood™ Hibiscus Rico Suave™

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis ‘AH-21’ PPAF

Introduced by J. Berry Nursery
Introduced by J. Berry Genetics

Hollywood™ Hibiscus are natural performers with their long-lasting blooms, compact habits and glossy green foliage. Rico Suave™ knows how to work a room, putting his charming good looks to work seducing everyone within view. Gotta love that confidence! His gold orange ruffled petals beckon you closer so you can appreciate his mysterious deep burgundy center. You might be a Rico Suave if: you’re confident and self-assured; you’re always impeccably pressed and dressed; and you’re a fitness fiend but you never tell anyone. Hollywood Hibiscus selections have consistently high bud counts, flowers that are durable and multi-day lasting, resistance bacterial leaf spot and white fly, and limited to no requirements for plant growth regulator (PGR) applications to be market ready. Hollywood checks every box for growers, retailers and gardeners!

Available as liners, quarts, 1-gallon and 2-gallon containers from Ball Seed (Booth 5043) and McHutchison (Booth 16058)