Project Description

Virginian™ Arborvitae

Thuja plicata × standishii ‘Virginian’ PP26684 P3

Discovered by Frank Case of Plantation Spring Nursery, Suffolk, Virginia and introduced by UpShoot LLC.

Virginian™ Arborvitae is an improvement over the industry standard T. × ‘Green Giant’. It produces a thicker and fuller liner and will grow as fast as ‘Green Giant’ but will maintain a smaller mature size at 14½ feet tall and 6½ feet wide. It has dark green, dense and feathery foliage that tolerates southern heat and humidity. It requires no pruning and can be used as a specimen or as a privacy hedge. It makes a great barrier for sound or wind when used as a screen. Performs well in a container or in the ground. Hardy to Zone 5.

Available as liner, container and B&B from Briggs Nursery (Booth 18037), Silver Falls Nursery (Booth 3059), Van Essen Nursery Co. (Booth 15025) and Van Klaveren’s Nursery LLC (Booth 7051).