Project Description

Positively Peridot Crown Jewel™ Begonia

Begonia rhizomatous hybrid ‘Positively Peridot’ PPAF

Bred by Dr. Cecil Pounders of Innovative Plants and introduced by J. Berry Nursery Genetics.

The royal crown jewels symbolize power, strength, authority, and protection for monarchs wearing them. The beginning of a momentous event starts with bringing them out of their vault. The Crown Jewel™ begonia series features durable, lustrous foliage that add a royal touch to every garden. This beauty brings positivity and light to the landscape. Burgundy-speckled chartreuse, ruffled leaves reach toward the sun, inspiring us to look on the bright side of life. It’s impossible to be blue with Positively Peridot™ in the garden. Just like the monarchs, who rule for decades, Crown Jewel™ Begonias are steadfast, with the season-long color customers are looking for. Hardy to Zone 7.

Available in 2019 as quarts and liners, and 6-inch and 9-inch and mixed containers from Fessler Nursery (Booth 12045).