Project Description

First Editions® Flip Side® Chaste tree

Vitex x ‘Bailtexone’ PP30283

Introduced by Bailey Nurseries Inc.
Hybridized by Dr. Michael Dirr, Plant Introductions Inc, Watkinsville, Georgia

This beauty is a seedling selection from Vitex trifolia ‘Purpurea’ x V. agnus-castus that combines the best of both parents. Flip Side® is cloaked in 8-inch panicles of fragrant, deep purple flowers that attract a nonstop parade of pollinators. It’s also a strong rebloomer. Flip Side got its name because the greyish olive-green leaves are dusky purple on the lower surface providing a splash of color on breezy days. It grows rapidly to form an upright, arching shrub 6–8 feet tall and 8–10 feet wide. Easy to grow and best in full sun. While V. trifolia ‘Purpurea’ is only hardy to Zone 9, Flip Side has been hardy in Athens, Georgia for a number of years, surviving a Zone 7 winter. It has also shown potential as a sub-shrub in Zone 5b at Bailey’s central Illinois location, growing to about 4 feet tall and wide and blooming in mid-late summer to frost. Zones 7–9.

Available as JumpStarts® liners and #2 containers from Bailey (Booth 17019)