Project Description

FIRE AWAY™ Hot and Heavy Pepper

Capsicum annuum FIRE AWAY™ Fire Away Hot and Heavy Pepper

Introduced by Proven Winners North America LLC

Mounded to upright habit pepper with bright red, spicy fruit, excellent flavor. Meatiness of a bell pepper with spiciness slightly less than jalapeno. Excellent vigor and performance with an abundance of fruit. Fruit produced sequentially so longer season of harvest. First ripe fruit takes 65 to 72 days from transplant. Fruit sets and matures quickly once ripe fruit begins to present. Glossy foliage minimizes water loss and contributes to low water needs for this plant. A culinary pepper with landscape appeal!

Available in 4.5″ Grande quarts and 1 gallon Royale from Walla Walla Nursery (Booth 12019)