Project Description

Hello Spring!™ Variegated feather reed grass

Calamagrostis × acutiflora cultivar

Selected and introduced by Emerald Coast Growers, Pensacola, Florida.

This is a beautiful variegated form of feather reed grass, with crisp, uniform, rust-resistant green and white striped blades. It’s growth habit is refined, upright and clump-forming. Standing 3–4 feet tall by 2 feet wide, Hello Spring!™ is excellent in the sunny border and also attractive in a large container. Compared to other green and white forms such as ‘Overdam’, Hello
Spring!™ exhibits cleaner, crisper variegation and greater resistance to rust. Flowering is similar to other cultivars, such as ‘Karl Foerster’, in size and timing (late May–June). Low maintenance. Prefers moderately-moist, well-drained soil. Do not overwater. Hardy in Zones 4–10.

Available as 38-cell liner trays from Emerald Coast Growers (Booth 17058) and Walla Walla Nursery (Booth 12019).