Project Description

Electric Love™ Weigela

Weigela × ‘ZR1’ USPPAF, CPBRAF

Hybridized in The Netherlands by Bert Verhoef and introduced by Bloomin’ Easy®.

Electric Love™ Weigela will spark up ornamental landscapes with dark foliage contrasted by shockingly vibrant red flowers; a first of its kind. The new variety is a product of the world’s leading Weigela breeding program and an excellent performer. Because Electric Love™ reaches a mature form of 18–24 inches tall and 2–3 feet wide, it’s suited for modern spaces in mixed garden
beds, or as the star of a decorative patio container. Electric Love™ thrives in full sun, and may rebloom after heavy spring flowering. Hardy to Zones 4–8.

Available as 4-inch liner and 2-gallon container from Van Belle Nursery Inc. (Booth 8048).