Project Description

First Editions® Straight & Narrow® Japanese Holly

Ilex crenata ‘PIIIC-I’ PPAF

Bred by Bailey Innovations, Winterville, Georgia, and introduced by Bailey Nurseries Inc.

Straight & Narrow® Japanese Holly is a sturdy, columnar form that holds up to the elements. We’ve been trialing this Japanese holly a long time to be certain it lives up to its name. Straight & Narrow® is exactly that. Now 6 feet tall in our trials and 18 inches wide, it is so much better than ‘Sky Pencil’ and ‘Sky Sentry’. This plant has strong branches that remain upright and don’t splay out like ‘Sky Pencil’ as it ages or faces the elements. It’s perfect as a specimen, screening, hedging or anywhere a narrow form is needed. The leaves are flat, not cupped, shiny
dark green and remain nice looking through winter. Male so it does not produce fruit. The plant is slow to moderate growing, reaching 6–8 feet tall by 2–3 feet wide. Prefers sun to part shade and well-drained, acidic soils. Hardy to Zones 6–8.

Available as #1 containers from Bailey Nurseries Inc. (Booth 17019).