Project Description

Fertil™ Granular Dispenser

Distributed by Neo Plants (Booth #22047)

Contact: Sylvia Mosterman, 604-823-4713,,

The Fertil Dispenser™ is the best solution for the controlled distribution of granular and microgranular products including fertilizers and pesticides. The ergonomic 44-pound capacity plastic backpack is designed for smooth gravity feed through the adjustable dose dispenser. Dosage can be adjusted from 2 to 25 grams (~¼ tsp. to 1½ tbsp.). Effortlessly and consistently dispense product with one hand using a simple mechanical control. Easily rinse to clean. The Fertil Dispencer is a timesaver for both nursery production and landscaper use. Deposit product precisely in pots or disburse using the scatter attachment. A sensible, ergonomic and efficient tool.