Project Description

Essential® Plus 1-0-1

Manufactured and distributed by
Growth Products Ltd. (Booth #18008)

Contact: Andrew Aldridge, 914-428-1316,,

Essential Plus 1-0-1 is a 100% natural soil amendment derived from potassium humate, enzymes, simple & complex sugars, B-vitamins, kelp extracts, carbohydrates, cellulose, lignin, hydrolyzed organic proteins and a natural wetting agent. A colloidal liquid solution that provides a rich source of organic building blocks not found in typical nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium (NPK) fertilizers. Essential aids in nutrient absorption. High concentrations of humic acid, soluble humus and cellulose fiber replenish soils that have been depleted of organic matter, help alleviate soil compaction, and provide a food source for beneficial soil microorganisms. Essential requires no mixing and can be applied through any spray or fertigation system without clogging. It is compatible with most other fertilizers and products and requires no special handling.