Project Description

E-Z Root™

Manufactured and distributed by JRM Chemical Inc. (Booth #12046)

Contact: Dave Czehut, 800-962-4010,,

E-Z Root™ is a microbial biostimulant specifically formulated as a rooting compound to stimulate root growth and morphogenesis. This is the process which includes root initiation, formation, growth and root architecture. E-Z Root is a multi-species formulation that contains over 1.5 billion CFU’s per gram. Available in retail and commercial sizes that range from 2 oz. up to 7 pounds. E-Z Root™ is for rooted cuttings and transplants and can be applied as a dip, as drench applications in the soil, and as an additive in hydroponic systems and for making stock solutions for injector systems. E-Z Root is a powder formulation that contains all organic materials. Currently it is being submitted for various organic certifications.