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Care Med Choice, LLC

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2218 SW Marigold St,
Business Description
Care Med Choice, LLC. is dedicated to helping alleviate and cure chronic and acute pain. We have seen the harmful impact of repeated invasive methods employed such as painkiller use and the ineffectiveness that many alternatives have offered suffering patients. NMES therapy is the solution that chronic and acute pain sufferers have been looking for, and we want to make sure that they receive clinically applied therapies. NMES works on the nerves to reduce or get rid of the pain, and also on muscle recovery and strengthening so the pain is taken care of. The controlling unit and the accessories are FDA approved, clinically applied, lifetime warranted products so the user has peace of mind, to help the individual get the best outcome. Care Med Choice, LLC. Is here to offer the number one selling NMES unit and applicable accessories to help you on your path to relief and recovery. Our FDA credentials guarantees that you receive the best products. Don’t be fooled by products that are not FDA approved – not only do they cost you in the long run, they also don’t perform as designed. Ours have been tested and are approved for pain relief and recovery for the pediatric to the geriatric patient. Our lifetime warranty is guaranteed on all our products, and our goal is to get you the best treatment in the least amount of time. For more information, visit https://caremedchoice.com/
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