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Exhibitor Search

Evergreen Growers Supply LLC 11025 Clackamas OR Beneficial Insects
Ewing Irrigation 15012, 15014 Portland OR Irrigation equipment and supplies, Chemicals, Fertilizers, Turf and lawn
F & B Farms 8016 Woodburn OR Annuals,perennials and bulbs,Small fruits,berries and vegetables, Bamboo and ornamental grasses
Fessler Nursery Company 12045, 12047 Woodburn OR Tropical and foliage plants
Fisher Farms LLC 22037 Gaston OR Nursery stock
Flora USA Inc. 21045 Beaverton OR Fertilizers, Supplies
Galton Wholesale 21037 Laredo TX Garden and gift accessories, Landscape products and yard décor, Pottery
Garden Gallery Iron Works 7019, 8019 Hubbard OR Landscape products and yard décor
GardenScape Nursery Inc. 15026 Gervais OR Conifers
Gardenware 19016 Warrenton OR Computer equipment and software
GeoSeed 9007 Hodges SC Seeds
GK Machine Inc. 10032 Donald OR Equipment and applicators, Greenhouses / equipment, Supplies, Tractors and machinery
Gold Hill Nursery 20037 Hillsboro OR Nursery stock, Containers, Shrubs - deciduous and flowering
Gowan USA LLC 11056 Overland Park KS Chemicals
Great Plant Picks 19059 Seattle WA Associations and non-profits
Greenhouse Megastore 15058, 15060 Danville IL Containers, Greenhouses / equipment, Supplies
Griffin 11046, 11048 Hillsboro OR Annuals,perennials and bulbs
Grower's Nursery Supply Inc. 11029 Salem OR Supplies
Growth Products Ltd. 18008 Bend OR Fertilizers
Guide Nursery 12031 Bellingham WA Nursery stock

Product Key:

  • Associations and non-profits
  • Annuals perennials and bulbs
  • Bamboo and ornamental grasses
  • Beneficial Insects
  • Chemicals
  • Christmas trees wreaths and greens
  • Containers
  • Computer equipment and software
  • Conifers
  • Equipment and applicators
  • Fertilizers
  • Trees – fruit and nut
  • Garden and gift accessories
  • Grafted Ornamentals
  • Greenhouses / equipment
  • Irrigation equipment and supplies
  • Liners
  • Labels or Tags
  • Landscape products and yard décor
  • Natives and restoration plants
  • Nursery stock
  • Pottery
  • Publications
  • Seeds
  • Services
  • Trees – shade and flowering
  • Shrubs – deciduous and flowering
  • Small fruits berries and vegetables
  • Soil / mixes and amendments
  • Stakes and plant supports
  • Supplies
  • Tools
  • Tractors and machinery
  • Transportation
  • Tropical and foliage plants
  • Turf and lawn