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Octavio Martinez

Octavio Martinez grew up in Salem, OR and started work as a crew member more than 15 years ago at Heritage Seedlings. Moving up through the seasonally different jobs at Heritage, Jolly first spotted his natural talent and ambition.

At her urging, Mark brought him into the office and had him work in an adjacent room where he could eavesdrop on Mark’s nursery conversations. In no time Octavio showed a natural talent for talking with clients, getting them to try new things and generally relieving Mark of a considerable amount of his work. Today Octavio is the nursery manager, capably overseeing all field and greenhouse operations. Mark, Jolly and Octavio have developed an amazing relationship over the years.

Octavio is happily married and the father of 4 energetic, fine children. He inspires all whom he meets and hopes to share his mentoring wisdom.

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