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Speaker: Lloyd R. Traven
We have all seen a plant that just screams, “That is my million dollar baby — retirement, here we come!” The holy grail of horticulture is “What’s new?” or “What changes the market for a genus?” We all obsess about finding that and making a killing, but unfortunately it is not quite that simple. Figuring out the propagation, establishing a solid supply chain, creating a production protocol for success, and extensive trialing all must happen — but there are still steps before even that happens! The plant must be protected, or all the effort gets no reward to finance the NEXT breeding program, plant discovery, or the next plant hunt. Many new introductions often fall short because nobody knows the plant even exists — it was never marketed to anyone. Products in the market have a short shelf life and you cannot afford to get it wrong from the start. Our typical passion to grow stuff is just not enough in a VERY crowded market. How does one do everything necessary to successfully launch a new plant? We’ll discuss great examples of success, and a couple epic failures as well.