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Welcome to the Farwest Show!

The Farwest Show is the nursery, garden center and greenhouse industry's largest and most comprehensive trade show in the West.

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Tom Kegley

Press Registration:

Trade and garden media are welcome at the Farwest Show. It is an opportunity to talk directly with some of the best and brightest growers, retailers and allied suppliers in the country, as well as providing access to top industry professionals—our Farwest Seminar speakers. You will stay on top of trends and perhaps discover a few of your own. New plants, new products, and new industry contacts can be found at this year's show.

For a show pass, please contact Allan Niemi (, 503.682.5089).

We look forward to having you at the show.

Press Releases:

»  NEW Farwest 2017 Revises Show Days And Hours In Response To Trends And Feedback From Exhibitors And Attendees

»  Retailers' Choice Awards™ at Farwest 2016

»  Farwest Show Displays Strong Growth

»  Babycakes™ Blackberry Wins Top Judges' Honors At Farwest New Varieties Showcase

»  2016 Farwest Show Looks At The Changing Dynamics Of Garden Retailing With Speaker Brian Minter

»  2016 Farwest Show Bilingual Education Program Includes Dr. Luisa Santamaria Presenting A Seminar On Soilborne Pathogens

»  2016 Farwest Show Spotlights Plant Disease Diagnosis With Plant Pathologist Dr. Colleen Warfi eld

»  2016 Farwest Celebrates GWA: The Association for Garden Communicators During The Show With Garden Writers Day August 26

»  2016 Farwest Show Retailers' Choice Awards Will Recognize Best New Products For Garden Retail

»  2016 Farwest Show Growers Showcase Devoted Exclusively To Plant Pollinators

»  2016 Farwest Show New Products Showcase Introduces New And Trending Green Industry Products

»  2016 Farwest Show Shines Light On Cutting Edge Plants And Grower Solutions In The New Varieties Showcase And Growers Showcase

»  2016 Farwest Show Puts Show At The Fingertips Of Attendees With The Farwest Mobile App

»  2016 Farwest Show Speaker Jen Browning Identifies Pests That Can Be Controlled By Nematodes

»  2016 Farwest Show Speaker Jonathan Pedersen Looks At The Expanding Role Of Digital Marketing For Today's Consumer

»  2016 Farwest Show Hosts Emergent Networking Event For Young Horticulture Professionals

»  2016 Farwest Show Offers Discounts For Expo, Seminars, Special Events, And Students With Early-Bird Register Through July 31

»  2016 Farwest Show Solution Center For Growers Provides Cutting-Edge Information For Nursery And Greenhouse Growers

»  2016 Farwest Show Idea Center For Retailers Offers Three Days Of Education, Participation, And Demonstration

»  2016 Farwest Show Speaker And Renowned Plantsman Dan Hinkley Spotlights Underused Plants In The Landscape

»  2016 Farwest Show Guest Speaker, Judy Sharpton, Focuses On Garden Retail's Key Demographic, Where The Customer Lives, With Homestyle Merchandising® Program

»  2016 Farwest Show's 'Women in Horticulture' Networking Event Connects Industry Shakers and Movers and Recognizes Garden Designer, Jenny Peterson

»  2016 Farwest Show Pre-Show Tours Include Track At Premier Retail Garden Centers

»  2016 Farwest Show 'Nursery Country Tours' Includes Two Tours At Premier Area Growers

»  2016 Farwest Show 'Walk the Show Floor with Experts' Features "Buglady" Suzanne Wainwright-Evans

»  2016 Farwest Show Speakers Connect Retail With The Now Generation Through Lifestyle and Wellness

»  2016 Farwest Show Guest Speaker Ryan Contreras To Present Case Studies On The Process Of Plant Breeding

»  2016 Farwest Show Guest Speaker Ronald Valentin Explains Using Biological Control Agents For Optimum Results In The Greenhouse


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FARWEST - Far From Ordinary

People were already making bookings for spring. There's an uptick in the market, and shortages. Buyers have to plan ahead a little more than they used to.

Chris Steinke
Youngblood Nursery Inc., Salem, Oregon


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