August 22-24, 2018 | Portland, Oregon

2011 New Products Showcase Selections



Manufactured & Distributed by Ball Horticultural Co.
Farwest Show Booth: #4090

Contact: Drew Effron, 630-588-3255,,
SoilWrap® is a plantable, printable pot, that's biodegradable in soil. It is a sustainable alternative to conventional plastic pots. The gardener leaves the SoilWrap intact when they plant; there is zero waste and no root damage during transplanting. SoilWrap degrades in the garden in just one season. SoilWrap is made of Mirel®, a bio-based and biodegradable material produced by microbes. In the garden, SoilWrap becomes food for beneficial soil microbes. SoilWrap is available in two standard sizes — 3.5 inches and 4.5 inches — with matching PLA or conventional plastic trays. It is compatible with standard tray filling equipment and growing practices. Custom printing is available.

A Gardener's Guide To Blueberries

A Gardener's Guide To Blueberries

Manufactured & Distributed by Fall Creek Farm & Nursery Inc.
Farwest Show Booth: #10136, #11135

Contact: Amy Daniel, 541-762-1737,,
Fall Creek Farm & Nursery Inc. published this charming, straightforward guide to growing blueberries to help home gardeners ensure success when gardening with these small fruit shrubs. Written by the world's leading blueberry experts at Fall Creek, this compact guide addresses topics including choosing varieties, site selection, soil preparation, planting, pollination, mulching, fertilizing, watering, pruning, pests, cold protection, container planting and more. Fall Creek's A Gardener's Guide To Blueberries retails for $4.99 and is available to the trade at the wholesale price of $2.35 with a 50-book minimum.

GreenTow Mobile Solar Trailers

GreenTow Mobile Solar Trailers

Manufactured & Distributed by GreenTow
Farwest Show Booth: #10042

Contact: Todd Myers, 435-628-9726,,
GreenTow trailers are state-of-the art, mobile, solar power units. Created with top of the line components and materials, GreenTow solar trailers are made of the best of what the solar and green energy industry have to offer. Coupled with creative engineering and real world input, GreenTow has created the first of its kind: a functional, state-of-the-art solar trailer providing clean, quiet, green mobile power.

H8 Chemical Pumper

H8 Chemical Pumper

Manufactured by H.E. Anderson Company & Distributed by Horticultural Services
Farwest Show Booth: #10052

Contact: Doug Olinger, 918-759-8764 cell / 800-331-9620 office,,
H.E. Anderson Company's new H8 Pumper offers extra chemical capacity at a more economical price. Using our existing, time tested pumpers as a guide, the H8 will continue to provide an accurate and dependable feed injection day in and day out. For growers new to Anderson Injection Systems, the H8 helps to save several hundreds of dollars in initial startup expense. For growers who already use Anderson Injection Systems, the H8 (by replacing two of your H4's) will offer lower maintenance and repair costs while still providing the accuracy and dependability you've grown to trust and depend on. The H8 Pumper is perfect for larger flow operations, such as nurseries, orchards, and fruit-berry operations allowing you to use fewer pumpers due the extra chemical capacity of the H8.

Miniature Garden Accessories

Miniature Garden Accessories

Manufactured & Distributed by Jeremie Corp.
Farwest Show Booth: #17164, #17166, #17168

Contact: Jim Carroll, 1-888-JEREMIE (537-3643),
Since 1976 Jeremie has offered the best in full sized garden accessories. In the fall of 2011, we will introduce our newest designs for the miniature garden enthusiast: Miniature Garden Accessories include detailed, miniature replicas of life-sized arbors, iron gates and fences, follies and fairy cottages and much more.

Rowan Greenhouse Control & Monitoring System

Rowan Greenhouse Control & Monitoring System

Manufactured & Distributed by Rowan Greenhouse Technologies
Farwest Show Booth: #14119

Contact: Brad Nelson, 541-203-0262,
The Rowan Greenhouse Control & Monitoring System is a wireless and Internet-enabled solution for greenhouses and nurseries. The Rowan system controls operations from a smartphone, tablet or PC via a website interface. It logs sensor inputs and monitors both environmental and infrastructure conditions (particularly system failures) using text message, phone, or email alerts. By utilizing a self-healing, wireless mesh network, Rowan controllers are less expensive to install and maintain than traditional controllers. Each controller can accept up to four inputs from a wide variety of plug-and-play sensors. These controllers communicate with the Rowan System Supervisor, which monitors each controller, sends out alerts, and patches control signals and sensor data to a webserver. Through a website, growers can now control and monitor their entire operation from anywhere in the world, reduce the chance of catastrophic crop loss due to irrigation or environmental system failure, and expand operations.



Manufactured & Distributed by ShelterWorks Ltd.
Farwest Show Booth: #16155, #16157

Contact: Thomas Van Denend, 541-929-8010,, and
GreenBed is a durable, non-toxic, beautiful and affordable raised garden bed kit that is manufactured in Oregon. It is designed to last 25-30 years without decay. GreenBed answers the question of backyard gardeners wanting to install raised beds: "What do I build the beds out of?" Wood rots. Plastic boards are, well, plastic, and they don't stand up to UV rays. Railroad ties are out due to creosote. Cement blocks are heavy and not attractive. And, pressure-treated wood is suspect for vegetable growing. Also, most of the available raised bed designs are not attractive: simply a plastic or wood box. GreenBed is the first affordable, non-toxic, extremely durable raised bed garden kit on the market. Everything about it is quality: Faswall® woodchip/cement panels; extruded aluminum brackets with a baked-on, architectural-grade paint; 1,000 hr. salt-spray-tested fasteners; and western red cedar trim rail with a bio-based, penetrating-oil finish. All holes are pre-drilled for accurate, fool-proof assembly. Available as a 4-by-4-foot kit or a 4-by-8-foot kit.



Manufactured & Distributed by Xeripave, Inc.
Farwest Show Booth: #17143

Contact: Pete Blundell/Ron Putz, 360-694-0141,,
Xeripave® Pavers are pervious natural aggregate pavers that allow water to flow directly through them, while giving the aggregates a "wet" appearance. They are composed of natural aggregates and a clear, high-strength polymer binder. No cement or concrete is used. This provides approximately 35–39 percent open space in each paver, thus allowing for a flow-through rate of about 1 to 1.5 gallons per second per square foot. They can be used for a variety of applications, such as tree surrounds, instead of metal grates, to promote deep root watering and aeration. They're also ideal for sidewalks, patios, and plazas. They are strong enough to be used in low duty vehicular applications, such as driveways, and as perimeter drainage in parking lots and streets. Xeripave® pavers promote the drainage of water into the subgrade soil, instead of a storm drain, while filtering out contaminants as part of the system.



Distributed by Gulick Freight Service Logistics.
Farwest Show Booth # 2097, 2099

Contact: Rhonda Boni-Burden, 877.470.0971,,
Ecorrcrate is a new option for less than truck load (LTL) shipping. It is an all-green crate and or reusable corrugated crate complete with four-way pallet attached ready for your use. Ecorrcrate can be custom ordered to fit your exact need and well as standard size crate sizes. Ecorrcrate can allow you to load your nursery stock in a similar environment as a trailer. The crate assembles with three sides and the wide side is open for loading. Then you install the fourth panel, similar to shutting a door. Once the crate is loaded, it can be shipped on a regular palletized LTL truck and expedited to your final destination. Holes for ventilation, cold packs to assist with the heat, water resistant materials are some options available. The crate will allow the shipper to complete with palletized LTL freight. It will allow better time scheduling for shipments.


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The Farwest Trade Show is always a good time to see people face-to-face and close orders. This year, it was the best show in four years. I talked to several people who wrote orders. But Farwest is just as good of an opportunity to buy as it is to sell. You can see a piece of equipment, ask questions, and find out how it can be customized. It takes less time. For a small business like ours, that's very important.

Jim Lewis
J Farms


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