Welcome to FARWEST

You can pack a lot into 3 days at the Farwest Show. Trends. Insights. Ideas. New plants. State-of-the-art products.

All this in one convenient, hard-to-beat in August location: Portland, Oregon.

We are hard at work planning the 2017 Show Features! Stay tuned for updates for the 2017 show. In the meantime, take a look below at what the 2016 show had to offer.

Growers Showcase

Growers Showcase is an added opportunity open to all exhibitors at Farwest to draw customers back to their booths. 2016's theme is "Plants with a Purpose: Pollinators." All Farwest exhibitors are invited to participate at no additional cost by providing plant material and products that fall under the Pollinators theme. Plants and products will be tagged with exhibitor's booth numbers as part of an artfully designed display featuring the beauty and benefit of Pollinator Gardens. Think of it as free publicity!
Previous themes: Conifers (2011), Maples (2012), Great Plant Picks (2013), Sculpted Material (2014), and Edible Delights (2015).
Farwest Exhibitors:    LEARN HOW YOU CAN PARTICIPATE »

The Solution Center for Growers    VIEW SCHEDULE ▼

The Solution Center for Growers is a brand-new Farwest experience offering free live mini-seminars, demos and workshops from top industry speakers and experts. With over 20 mini-sessions throughout the show, growers will find answers to specific questions and attendees will get an insider's view into the hottest topics in the greenhouse industry. View the complete schedule of topics and speakers ▼

The Idea Center for Retailers   VIEW SCHEDULE ▼

Retailers – The Idea Center for Retailers is a great place for retailers to rethink, retool and reinvent themselves and their businesses. Reward yourself with fun, education, hands-on activities and expert advice, available throughout Expo hours each day of the show. Sample interactive technology, learn best practices, and hear what peers and experts in the industry are up to. View the complete schedule of topics and speakers ▼


New Varieties Showcase   LEARN MORE »

It's a celebration of the most spectacular new varieties about to hit garden centers next spring. You'll find over 50 new plants in this popular show feature. Selections will be displayed in garden-like settings and inspiring displays. Easy-to-read tags will provide plant information and licensed growers so you can easily find the Farwest exhibitors offering them for sale. Awards will be given to the top picks selected on Thursday from a panel of distinguished industry judges, and on Saturday after the People's Choice votes are tallied. Attendees are encouraged to select their top three favorites upon visiting the showcase. Check out the 2016 Selections »

New Products Showcase   LEARN MORE »

Discover new ways to enhance your growing production practices, expand your retail product offerings, and increase your workplace efficiency. The New Products Showcase offers cutting-edge solutions and highlights the latest 2015 green industry trends. From brand-new retail hard goods to innovative grower applications and landscape products, you will find the freshest industry products and ideas all in one space. These featured products are new to the U.S. market (introduced in either 2015 or 2016), and in some cases, the products are debuting at the 2016 Farwest Show! Check out the 2016 Selections »

Leonard Adams Insurance

Pub Crawl   LEARN MORE ▼

Thursday, August 25 - 5:30pm to 7:30 pm
With nearly 80 breweries in Portland, it's no wonder this city is nicknamed "Beervana." Join us on our 5th annual Pub Crawl that is equal parts fun, networking and enjoyable relaxation. This lively event is open to all Farwest participants, and the first 50 people at each location receive a FREE beverage!

Tours   LEARN MORE »

Grow your success and competitive advantage. Discover new varieties. Meet new growers and suppliers. Explore new ideas. And meet other wonderful people and leaders in our industry. These are just a few reasons to join one of the Farwest tours.

Walk the Show Floor with Experts

Thursday, August 25 - 1pm (Dan Hinkley)
Thursday, August 25 - 2pm (Judy Sharpton)
Friday, August 26 - 2pm (Suzanne Wainwright-Evans)

With so much to hear and see on the show floor who wouldn't want an expert's opinion on it all? Join this year's experts – plantsman Dan Hinkley, retail guru Judy Sharpton and "Buglady" Suzanne Wainwright-Evans - as they lead small groups through the show floor pointing out their favorite products, giving their thoughts on what's new, and giving you personal insight tailored to your business. Tours begin at 1pm Thursday (Dan Hinkley), 2pm Thursday (Judy Sharpton) and 2pm Friday (Suzanne Wainwright-Evans). Meet at the corner of the Bookstore in C Lobby near the main show entrance.


Women in Horticulture


Friday, August 26 - 3:30 p.m. to 5 p.m., VIP Room B (2nd Floor)
It's no secret women in the green industry are a force to be reckoned with! Designed to cultivate lasting career support, the Women in Horticulture networking event will help you establish connections with women who are professionals in the horticulture industry from across the nation. It's a great place to mingle with your green industry sisters, expand your business network, and share opportunities and experiences to help horticulture and our involvement keep growing.

Young Nursery Professionals & Emergent Networking Event

Thursday, August 25 - 3:30 p.m. to 5 p.m, VIP Room B (2nd Floor)
This is the future of the industry! Designed for young industry professionals under 40, this event is the place to network with young, up-and-coming horticulture professionals. Establish relationships that will grow for decades to come. Share tips or find a business partner—it's that kind of gathering. The conversation continues beyond the event in the Emergent Facebook group.

Retailers' Choice Awards

The Garden Center Group

The Idea Center
Thursday, August 25 – Friday, August 26

All retailers are invited to participate in this popular program at Farwest 2016. Sponsored by The Garden Center Group, and led this year by Sid Raisch, retailers will scour the show floor to find the best new green goods and hard goods on the market today.

Retailers will gather together Thursday at 10:15am at the Idea Center for Retailers, then peruse the floor on their own in search for new products, and later meet back up again to compare notes and select their top picks. Products deserving special recognition for their vision, new products retailers plan to add to their inventory mix, and products/services with a new approach to an old formula will be recognized in an awards presentation in the Idea Center for Retailers on Friday, August 26 at 3pm.


The Farwest Trade Show is always a good time to see people face-to-face and close orders. This year, it was the best show in four years. I talked to several people who wrote orders. But Farwest is just as good of an opportunity to buy as it is to sell. You can see a piece of equipment, ask questions, and find out how it can be customized. It takes less time. For a small business like ours, that's very important.

Jim Lewis
J Farms


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