Frequently Asked Questions

How many exhibitor badges do I get?   [+]

Does everybody need a badge?   [+]

My badge(s) never arrived in the mail, why?   [+]

Our company has four booth spaces at the show. Why can't we have 16 complimentary exhibitor badges?   [+]

I didn't get my Move-In pass, why?   [+]

My exhibitor information has changed. How do I update it so its correct in the Show Guide?   [+]

How do I get my comp passes and where do they get mailed?   [+]

How do I order tables, chairs and other stuff for my booth and how do I ship my booth and other materials to the show?   [+]

How do I order water, electricity, phone service and other utilities?   [+]

Are there any show rules I need to be especially aware of?   [+]

How do I become an exhibitor in the Farwest Show? Are there any openings for 2017?   [+]

How much does a booth in the Farwest Show cost?   [+]

What are the dates of future shows?   [+]

Questions? For questions about exhibiting at the Farwest Show, please contact Allison Pennell at 503-682-5089 or


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